Marina Palms 2 Bedroom Beachfront Apartment KH1

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Hibberdene, South Africa

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  • 2 bedrooms
  • 24 hour security guard
  • Air conditioning
  • 1km to beach
  • Balcony or terrace
  • Braai
  • Communal pool
  • Sea view
  • Secure parking
  • Beach
  • Restaurant/s

With the most unbelievable sea views and a certain ambience of peace and tranquillity, Marina Palms is a high security complex and offers a secure relaxed atmosphere. Relax by the pool or step out of the complex onto the quiet private beach across the road or walk to the busy main beach, situated behind the shopping centre in the heart of Hibberdene.

24 Marina Palms is a modern, privately owned, upstairs, fully furnished and serviced apartment with two bedrooms – (2 double beds, sleeps 4) two bathrooms, large patio with built in braai and breathtaking sea views. One lock up garage and one parking bay available.

Marina Palms offers the perfect tranquil holiday break and for those travelling South, Marina Palms is situated en route to Cape Town, the Garden Route, Eastern Cape, Port St Johns on the Wild Coast as well as the inland route to Kokstad and the Transkei. Alternatively for those travelling North the location is en route to the Southern Drakensberg, Durban International Airport, North Coast, Richards Bay and St Lucia.
Once a year, between June and July the Sardines follow a cool north flowing current which moves in the opposite direction, next to the shore, of the warm south flowing Agulhus current. Large shoals of sardines with thousands upon thousands of these tiny fish move up the South Coast, starting at the Wild Coast and then venturing out sea just past Durban.

The Golf Coast is the hidden gem of golf destinations in africa. Some of South Africa’s finest golf courses are to be found on the South Coast!

Oribi Gorge Nature Reserve, Skyline Nature Reserve, Mpenjati Nature Reserve and Umtamvuna Nature Reserve, to mention but a few excursions, are all in the region of between 20 and 30 km from Marina Palms.

1. VISITORS AND TENANTS Owners must ensure that visitors and tenants comply with these rules.
2. PETS no pets would be permitted.

3. MONKEYS Under no circumstances may owners or occupiers attract the monkeys by feeding them!
4. GARBAGE is to be kept in the enclosures provided for this purpose in each individual unit, or to be placed in the bins of the bin area. Garbage kept in individual units must be transferred to the bin area every week prior to collection by the Municipality, presently Mondays. Garbage must not be left on the verge or in any other common area other than specified herein. The padlock to the bin area can be opened with the combination 709.


5. POOL Noise should be kept to a minimum. The pool is maintained by our cleaner and supervised by Musa, our Gardener, until further notice. Owners, visitors and tenants should not interfere with the pool equipment or chemicals unless approved of by the Body Corporate. The ‘Barracuda’ should be disconnected during pool-use and properly re-connected after use. In emergencies, switch off power on the switchboard in the gazebo). Thereafter call: Managing Agent or W. Pippan 0823750179.

“The Body Corporate accepts no warranty and children under 12 must only enter under supervision”

6. CAMPING IN THE GROUNDS whether in tents or caravans is NOT permitted under any circumstances.
7. LITTERING Owners and occupiers may not deposit, throw or permit or allow to be deposited or thrown on the property any rubbish including dirt, cigarette butts, food scraps or any other litter whatsoever.

8. LEAKAGES FROM CARS ETC. Owners will be made responsible for making good any damage caused to the tar by leakages from vehicles.

9. NOISE No loud music may be played and no excessive noise shall be made on the verandas and balconies or public areas between 22h00 and 08h00 and occupiers must maintain reasonable silence in their units during these hours.

10. PARKING: All units have their garages and additional parking in front of their garages. In addition each flat will be allocated one of the demarcated ‘common property’ parking bays, and these bays will be numbered with the respective flat number. Vehicles, boats, caravans, trailers, etc, may only be parked on the allocated parking bay whilst owners (or their tenants or visitors) are in residence

11. POSTAL DELIVERIES There are no postal deliveries in Hibberdene. Owners and occupiers must rent post boxes and must ensure that any hand deliveries must take place during their presence. Deliveries may not be dropped off in the driveway.

12. LAUNDRY An owner or occupier of a section shall not hang any washing or laundry or any other item on any part of his section so as to be visible from any other sections. A drying yard with 4 windy driers has been provided. You may wish to provide a stand for drying in you kitchen yard.

13. MAIN ENTRANCE GATE The gate is operated by a “Centurian” motor with battery backup. In case the battery fails, you will need to call Gladiator Security or report to BC Trustees or Managing Agent. During 2008 a new ‘Tag’ system will be introduced and the existing remote controls will be replaced. The existing key tags to open the pedestrian gate will be discontinued. The new tags will only open the ‘full gate’

14. SECURITY Owners or occupiers may not supply servants with remote controls to gain entry to Marina Palms. Limitations may be placed from time to time by the Body Corporate in respect of Security Companies, Letting Agencies and Cleaning Services. These limitations are designed to protect our security.

When you have passed through the gate please wait until it closes before you continue your journey, so no undesired persons can enter.

15. CAR WASH: No washing of cars, boats, etc. on the premises. This is to be done outside the complex near the bin area. The taps in the bin area or at the entrance shower may be used for this purpose. Loose garden hose pipes can be made available for this purpose.

16. VEHICLES OVER 3.5 TONS are not allowed to enter. Owners will be made responsible for any damaged caused to the driveways.

17. MAIN ENTRANCE GATE SHOWER Please use this shower to rinse your feet after a stroll on the beach, or before entering the pool.

18. USAGE AREAS, PLAYING GROUNDS Play area for children should be on the lower grassed areas. Otherwise at the parent’s discretion. Trustees to monitor for this current period.

19. SIGNAGE: “For Sale” signs shall not be put up near the entrance or inside the complex. The area on the left of the approach road in front of the outside wild palm tree is to be used for this purpose.
Alarm signs are to be put up on all the outside corners of the boundary walls and near the gate of the bin area, not inside the complex.

20. RITES: Although religious freedom is respected, no religious rites, ritual or ceremony that may be offensive to other occupants in the complex will be allowed.
21. SLAUGHTERING OF ANIMALS: No animal may be slaughtered anywhere in the complex.
22. FIREWORKS: No fireworks will be allowed in the complex.
23. VEGETATION: No trees or shrubs may be cut down and removed from the common property without the prior written consent of the Body Corporate.
24. FIRES: Fires may only be lit in the designated Braai areas in each flat and the pool area.

26. GARAGES: shall not be used for sleeping accommodation

27. MAXIMUM NUMBER OF PERSONS TO OCCUPY UNITS: 2-bedroomed flats to be occupied by no more than 4 persons and 3-bedroomed flats by no more than 6 persons.

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