RnR is a full service holiday home management and rental company.

Since our beginning, in 2010, we have built thousands of solid relationships between ourselves and

Our travelers.

When you book with RnR, you are getting more than just another vacation rental, you will be getting expert advice & a professional service you can count on, every step of the way. RnR holiday homes are professionally managed to ensure an outstanding holiday & so now you can book with confidence.

Over 94% of our holiday makers report being delighted by the RnR service & holidays. Having experienced the difference, most of these now return for their next holiday.

Our team of experts travel to experience the product…..we think you’ll find them useful…

Our holiday home owners:

Owners with RnR experience a significant increase in bookings and revenue. The average owner, new to RnR, will realise more than 50% revenue growth, in their 1st year….some have seen their revenue more than double.

When you sign with RnR, you benefit from industry leading pricing & distribution. Different homes & different days experience different demand, RnR knows how to price these perfectly.

All RnR holiday home owners now spend a lot less time managing their holiday homes.

We believe these relationships are based on trust and performance.

More on RnR’s Home Owner services & distribution here: https://rnr.co.za/property-owners/


RnR - Dominique Godfrey

Dominique Godfrey

Team Leader - Holiday Home Expert

RnR - Danielle Van Wyk

Danielle Van Wyk

Holiday Home Expert

RnR - Wendy Mohan

Wendy Mohan

Holiday Home Expert

RnR - Jessica Haefele

Jessica Haefele

Holiday Home Expert

RnR - Dillon Serretta

Dillon Serretta

Founder & Managing Director


Trish Clayton

Project Manager