There are generally two types of people in the world – those who have been on safari (and can’t stop talking about it), and those who are planning to go on safari (and can’t stop talking about it). Whichever category you fall into, a trip to Mjejane accommodation allows you a 3-in-1 experience – a wildlife adventure, a relaxing bush-break and spectacular scenery.


If you have not yet planned a trip to Mjejane accommodation, here are four reasons to stop talking about it and actually go.


#1 Escape the city

It doesn’t matter if it is a short or long weekend – any time away in the Bush is a breather and a welcome change of scenery from the hustle and bustle of city life. Life slows down under the African sun. Fever trees replace skyscrapers, jet black starlit skies replace city lights, leisurely game drives replace rush hour traffic and the only jaywalkers you will find are a mother elephant with her calf. Mjejane accommodation is where your equilibrium can be restored and where being in the moment is the order of the day. That is the effect nature will have on you.


#2 Encounter the inhabitants

There is nothing like trespassing on nature’s habitat to instil a sense of amazement and respect. Being a spectator to wild animals roaming freely on their own turf, unperturbed by human curiosity, is likely to set your world right and put things in perspective. Watching the king of the jungle yawn lazily in the long dry grass, crocodiles on sunny rocks, baby warthogs scurrying after their mothers, a dung beetle struggling with its ball of dung, a leopard up a tree, a herd of buffalo kicking up dust, or scavengers fighting over a kill – these animal biographies will have you reverently silent and lost in wonder.


#3 Experience the artistry

The wildlife, however, are merely actors on nature’s larger stage. The setting of the African Bush has inspired artists, poets, authors, moviemakers and photographers. There is no shortage of subject matter when it comes to the scenic backdrop. And Mjejane accommodation, overlooking the Crocodile River, is no exception. Majestic mountain ranges in the background, savannah grasslands, dusty tracks and bushveld flora shaded by Fever trees, Marula trees and the ancient Baobab, will all offer stunning photographic moments amid a sense of awe at the impressive diversity of our natural world.



#4 Educate the mind and heart

Sit at the feet of game rangers and listen intently to the stories of safari guides. These nature dwellers have immersed themselves in the world they protect. They have a contagious passion for conservation, making it impossible for you to leave your Mjejane accommodation unchanged. Knowledge of the Bush and its inhabitants will bury itself deep in your heart and you will return home unable to stop talking about your safari trip.

If you happen to be the exception to the two types of people in the world, then we guarantee that booking one of the luxury holiday homes at Mjejane accommodation will change your mind and you won’t be able to stop talking about it.



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