As your Mjejane Accommodation beckons, so do memories of childhood holidays, when your parents would sing, “Hit the road Jack and don’t you come back no more, no more, no more, no more” as they travelled down winding roads. What sweet nostalgia! These days, if you attempt to entertain your kids with a similar solo, you’ll probably catch them with earphones in their ears, jamming to Cardi B. If you want to encourage more family bonding time, initiate silly, fun conversation topics that will get the whole family eagerly anticipating their wildlife holiday and learning fun facts along the way!

Here’s our suggestion: Discover your wildlife spirit animal while staying at Mjejane accommodation: 

The Lion

Like the lion, who has a particular longing for large meals – such as buffalo, zebra, and wildebeest – you have an impressive appetite, usually ordering extra-large chips with an extra-large burger for a quick bite before dinner. While lions hunt in packs, they do love the scavenger lifestyle (especially the males). And despite their kingly status, they rest for about 20 hours a day! So, parents, it might not surprise you to discover that the lion in your home is your lethargic teenage son – comfortably resting all day in his room at Mjejane Accommodation and getting up to scavenge the fridge for half-eaten steaks!


The Cheetah

As the fastest cat, the cheetah is the athlete and the energiser bunny of the family. (Moms, you qualify for this one by default!). This is the person who will rush out for the earliest game drive, return to the lodge to do some jogging, and then dive into the pool – all before the rest of the family has woken up!

And if you’re the type to stalk social media for new recipes, drooling over every food picture, and finally rushing out to buy all the ingredients to take to your Mjejane Accommodation (because who can resist lavender triple chocolate cheesecake?), the cheetah is your spirit animal. She also stalks her prey before launching a full speed attack. With a tendency to gobble her food quickly, she may remind you of someone you know – yes, we’re referring to that chocolate smeared all over your face!

The Leopard

Solitary and proud, the leopard hunts alone. Dragging his prey into the trees, his meal-time is his alone-time. He doesn’t share food! So when your daughter drags a tub of ice-cream into her room at Mjejane Accommodation to watch some Netflix in peace, the elegant and self-satisfied leopard nods his approval!


The Caracal

The Caracal is a self-appointed loner and, as a lesser known cat, the patron saint of those millennials swimming creatively against the mainstream. With black ears, lined by startling pointed black tufts and elegant black lines around its eyes and mouth, she’s the hair, make-up, and fashion icon of Mjejane. She’s also the one who sneaks off alone into a secret spot to take artistic photographs of the serene environment.

And as a nocturnal hunter, she could also be your four-month-old, who decides the convenient time to eat on a holiday trip must be at 10:00 at night.

The African Wildcat

To make your fluffy friend at home jealous, this cat looks domestic, but inhabits the wild. Like the snack nibbler in your family (the one who eats two almonds and a celery stick beside the fire at Mjejane), she prefers insects, rodents, and hares. A nocturnal, shy animal, she’s your local introvert – the one who looks tame, but, in fact, is not.

The Mjejane Game Reserve boasts an abundance of wildlife and wild cats. Book your holiday at Mjejane Accommodation today and enjoy a spectacular game viewing experience.


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