What is your favourite part about a holiday at Zebula accommodation? Each member of the family is likely to have a different response to this question, and the individual responses will highlight the interesting social dynamic and personal preferences of a family getaway to the Bush.


Catching a glimpse of the celebrated Big 5 at Zebula accommodation is generally on everyone’s bucket list. But what about the Little 5? Knowing more about these lesser-known creatures will not only give you much insight into the biodiversity of the South African Bush, but more importantly, into the unique diversity of your family.

This seemingly insignificant sociological data is important for parents. Knowing ‘who’s who’ in the Bush, and how they will adapt to this new Zebula accommodation habitat, is vital to a happy family holiday.

Which of the Little 5’s ‘alter egos’ belong to each of your children?

The Antlion

The Antlion is an odd but very clever predatory little insect that digs cone-shaped pits in soft sand and then burrows itself to the bottom waiting to trap its prey. Like a moth, it undergoes a lifecycle and emerges from its cocoon with wings that resemble a dragonfly.

The Antlion personality is clearly seen in your curious child who is fascinated by interesting facts and a love for knowledge. This is a wonderful child to have on a game drive as they are full of delightful ‘Did you know?’ trivia. Their best friend at Zebula accommodation? The safari guide.


The Leopard Tortoise

Zebula accommodationIn the bushveld, the Leopard Tortoise is a striking animal with dark brown and yellow patterning on its shell.This camouflaged armoury serves it well in its habitat. During the dry winter months it stores water in a ‘bursa sac’ used for hydration and to moisten the hardened ground for the female to dig a nest for her eggs.

The spirit of the Leopard Tortoise is in your child who prefers to blend into the crowd and doesn’t like attention.

They are your resourceful planners and are wonderful souls to have around as they will remember to pack extra water and snacks for those long Zebula accommodation game drives.


The Buffalo Weaver

These smallish black birds with red-bills are social, noisy and busy – easily identified by their untidy and bedraggled nest building skills.

These kids are your ‘social butterflies!’ Their first task on arrival at your Zebula accommodation is to find friends in the Bush – of the humankind. You are either unlikely to see them for the rest of your stay, or your luxury self-catering accommodation will be full of noisy gate-crashers. They are the ones who have no time to make their beds in the morning before they rush out to find their friends.
If you have a teenage girl whose spirit animal is the buffalo weaver, she might don some red lipstick before she goes on the prowl – just in case.


The Elephant Shrew

Zebula accommodationThis tiny fuzzy-furred insectivore with an elongated snout feeds on insects, fruit, seeds and nuts. They are incredibly cute, incredibly shy and very hard to spot. Their senses of hearing, sight and smell are very well-developed.
Your elephant shrew child is the complete opposite in nature to their buffalo weaver sibling.

This is your shy child who prefers to stay close to Dad and Mom and is generally a picky eater. Being a good listener, they are ideally partnered with their Antlion sibling.


The Rhinoceros Beetle

Zebula accommodationThe horned rhino beetle is one of the largest beetles in southern Africa and one of the strongest animals – able to lift 850 times its own weight – putting it in the Guiness book of animal records! It also has wings for flying.
The males use their horns to fight off other males when it comes to mating season. You are likely to spot one while walking at Zebula accommodation.

You have probably already identified the rhino beetle as your alpha child – the strong-willed and confident one who tends to boss their siblings around. But these kids are wonderful to have around at your Zebula accommodation.

Fiercely protective, they tackle the world head-on. And as your adrenaline junkies, they are likely to persuade you to go zip-lining, bungee jumping or snake handling. (You have been warned!)

Now that you have identified each of your children’s Little 5 ‘alter egos’ – you can anticipate everyone’s preferences and needs while holidaying at Zebula accommodation and can look forward to a wonderful family break in the South African Bush. Each one of these ‘Little 5’ – human or animal – will make your Zebula experience a memorable one.

We suggest you be the ‘early bird who catches the worm,’ and go online today to book one of Zebula accommodation’s luxury holiday homes.

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