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Why list with RnR?

Owners with RnR experience a significant increase in bookings and revenue. The average owner, new to RnR, will realise more than 50% growth in their 1st year....some have seen their revenue more than double.

When you sign with RnR, you benefit from industry leading pricing & distribution. Different homes & different days, experience different demand, RnR knows how to price these perfectly.

All RnR holiday home owners now spend a lot less time managing their holiday homes.

Massive Local & Global Distribution

All of our owners have increased their revenue, some many times over – Our technology & partnerships allow us to link live roster availability to all the major booking sites, : RnR - – Airbnb – expedia – travelground – safarinow etc.

Booking & Roster Management

Reservations – Payments – Check-ins - Departures - SMART seasonal pricing that maximises occupancy & revenue - With RnR, All the daily hassle taken care of.

On Holiday Guest Support

On holiday guest support means no weekend or on holiday calls for you.

No Fees or Contrats that tie you in

No set-up fee, no monthly fees and no contracts - just a win-win relationship through commission, for paid bookings.

Save Time & Simplify

The average holiday home owner spends many hours a week managing their rentals. RnR takes responsibility for it all - Get the experts on board & reap the rewards!


Professional pre, post, & on holiday cleaning that results in happy guests who leave outstanding reviews.


Maintenance – Repairs – Garden Service – Pool Service all available.

Safe & Secure

Property Protection - Guest screening – Inventory – T&C’s – Breakage deposits - many years of expertise with outstanding track record - indemnity insurance available.


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Owners Testimonials

“I find all the RnR staff a real pleasure to work with – I spend so much less time on this & the results have been excellent”

Zimbali Owner

“My house used to stand empty, gathering dust & rust most of the year. A neighbour introduced me to RnR & now my house is full and these families seem to really enjoy it so everyone wins”

Balito Owner

“RnR homes is a great concept that has really helped my family & I. Great dealing with them & I can highly recommend them”

Zebula Owner

“Very happy I found RnR, I never managed to get the rentals going but now it looks after itself”​

Zimbali Owner

“I own 3 holiday homes and since joining RnR now enjoy a lot more success…..the whole team deliver an excellent service”

Kruger Park Lodge Owner

“RnR have taken away all the difficult work & seriously increased the rentals”

Umhlanga Owner

“I’ve been using RnR for over 5 years – they have my trust & I would highly recommend them”

Kruger Park Lodge owner

“Holiday Rentals more than doubled last year & so we appreciate their efforts”

Mjejane Fractional Owner

The RnR team have a great attitute and so it’s no wonder we’ve expereiced such outstanding results. I can highly recommend their ability to make a significant difference.

Zebula Owner

I first met with Dillon and Karen towards the end of 2015. In this time I have experienced nothing but brilliant service and they have made a real difference to our shareholders. I would like to congratulate the entire RnR on the outstanding job they do.

Zebula Owner

Thanks RnR, you have made a real difference & are always such a pleasure to deal with.

Parktown Owner